Who we are


On the following pages you are going to meet us and our Basset Hounds.


We are the very busy Olli, the lively Ivonne , the commiteal Jerome and our joungest member, the spoilt Laura. We live in a small village near Helmstedt.


The breeding, like I read, is all `learning by doing`.


No matter how much you read and learn, you know more after experiencing by yourself and never stop learning.


My dream is to breed healthy, moveactive and friendly Basset Hounds who love to enjoy themselves.


I am member of the Basset Hound Friends of Germany(BHF e.V) and breed along the rules of the VDH and FCI.


Our Hounds will be examined for Hip Dysplasia (HD), the PMDS-value will be calculated.


Also our dogs will be testet in Glaucoma, Trombopathia, Hyperuricemia and much more. Furthermore we visit many dog schows, where amongst other things we need to fulfill an essential test/ personality test.


There are many pictures of our dogs, their parents and the results on the left side register.